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FMSS(Future Managed Security Service)

This is a security service of remote total security management for the customer IT resource and security system provided by FutureSystems, the great security player, in which IT asset security is outsourced to a security specialist so that the customer can focus on the business. FutureSystems FMSS has the security control center, which is 24-h available for the systematic and quick reaction to different security threat.

01 Basic services

02 Optional services

Section Description Contents
Health Monitoring

Resource(CPU, memory, traffic, etc.) usage monitoring

System and port operation state monitoring with ICMP/TCP

Application service state monitoring with application protocol(DNS, HTTP, etc.)


Port Alive Check


Event Monitoring

Harmful attack detection with security event collection and analysis

Attack detection through event correlation analysis of different security equipment

Accurate and quick attack detection with the vulnerability information

attack detection and response

24H x 365D

Notice and report of different failures/attacks

Reception of customer requirements and support

Compliance support with the customer information and service history management

Security patrol service

E-mail,Mobile Phone

Log Retention

Backup and long-term storage of security equipment events

Extraction and provision of certain events

Support for customer compliance management

Log Server


Response & Technical Support

Analysis of harmful attack and defense

Analysis information for certain attack and defense guide

Provision of security report

intrusion response report/guideline


Regular service report

Development and transfer of work, intrusion incident, and monitoring report

Customer report searchable through the web

Monthly, response, operation, and technical support reports


Operation Management

Backup and long-term storage of security equipment Development and implementation of security policy for the security equipment

Design, deployment, and proxy operation of security equipment

Security equipment setting and configuration information backup

Proposal for network development, removal of network vulnerability

Service stabilization

Compliance Management

Support for customer security policy and guideline establishment

Monitoring for customer security policy and guideline compliance

Violation handling guide

Provision of policy backup

Policy establishment guideline

03 Conceptual diagram

04 Product scope

05 Response process