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Centralized real-time management system(management/log Server/monitoring)

Efficient management for WeGuardia™ line up

og collection/storage/analysis/reporting for different security devices

HTML5-based web browser UI

WeGuardia™ SMC v2.0 is a centralized real-time management system for the security devices distributed in a network environment. Based on the Future Foundation Framework(F3) developed by FutureSystems Co., Ltd., it centrally collects, normalizes, and analyzes, in real time, the threat data generated by the users, applications, and infrastructure in order to provide the quick information and to provide management convenience including security event management, security policy establishment, and monitoring.


Integrated multiple device management in a remote area

Several devices are managed at the same time for the operational and management convenience and speed

NoSQL database is used to provide flexible object and policy setting

Quick traffic detection and analysis with the Drill-Down method

Hierarchical management support between central management systems

HTML5-based web browser UI

Intuitive monitoring with different data visualizations

Support for N-Screen monitoring environment

WeGuardia™ XTM

It can store, analyze, and search the event logs found in a WeGuardia™ Log Server-managed security device.


Quick research results for large log

Saving of 100,000 logs/sec

30,000 log indexing per second

WeGuardia™ XTM

Real-time monitoring is provided for the resources(CPU, memory, and disk) of WeGuardia™ RTM-managed security devices, and a monitoring is provided for all devices and host supporting the SNMP standard protocol.


Provision of communication including line connection by equipment/interface

Event log by equipment including network failure, system usage, etc.

Trend analysis with the data stored for up to 3 years

Real-time graph with the HTML5 chart support

Service operation integrated with/separate from SMC 2.0

WeGuardia™ XTM

WeGuardia™ XTM