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WeGuardia™ T-Mover is an inter-network solution for the work convenience and safe data transfer in the separated networks by providing security including prevention of internal data leakage and attacks from the outside in the separate network environment(work/Internet networks).

WeGuardia™ T-Mover supports the storage-based data transfer and stream connection in order to provide safe network connection without changing current system. In addition, it automatically and securely transfers the data required for the transfer policy while providing real-time work service with no change of application work.

01 Compliance to the latest security standard

It provides high security in compliance with the security requirements for the recent national information protection equipment announced by IT Security Certification Office, NIS

02 Malicious code detection/prevention

Safe network separation environment is provided by adopting the unique IPS pattern and one of Bitdefender, No. 1 player in the global anti-virus market in order to detect and prevent the malicious code incoming through the drive-by-download vulnerability

03 Prevention of abnormal traffic

It is connected to our WeGuardia™ NFW in order to provide the security safety by preventing abnormal traffic detected by WeGuardia™ T-Mover

04 Development/operation convenience

It doesn't require the network development, application work, and IP change, and supports approval process in conjunction with the personnel information system, drag&drop, and automatic/large file transfer.

05 Cost saving & efficiency

No need for separate adapter development and proxy, shorter development timeframe, and reduced additional cost for introducing new services Solution for the work inconvenience due to the disconnected services after the network separation, and reinforced security with USB replacement and anti-virus equipped

06 Safe data transfer

For the server and storage connection of Internet and work networks, the Fiber Channel is used to prevent any intrusion



BitDefender engine, No. 1 in the global anti-virus market

Auto transfer of work files without USB and FTP

Drag & Drop, folder move/copy, large attachment, attachment copy to web hard, and bulletin board sharing

Transferred data is automatically classified in the mail box

Sharing of mail box and web folders(double absence prevention with the sharing)

Management of mail box capacity and user account; log analysis for the bulletin board, notice, and mail

Fire size control, assignment, and used capacity control

Data can be transferred to other mail servers

Prevention of personal information leakage with the approval process connected to the Personnel Information System(PIS)

Safe user access procedure with the certificate and password change by unit(applicable with PKI)

Prevention of hacking and intrusion with the mail encryption (applicable with the cryptographic module)


Stream-based malicious code detection/prevention

No need for an application proxy or gateway

No need for new work connection when developing

No need for new work connection when connecting separate adapter

Single/dual direction support based on the policy

Easy work system connection for additional customer works

Optional real-time connection of required work service with no need to change the network setting and work application

Support for all TCP/IP-based service including authentication, pattern update, WEB > WAS, DB, WEB > DB, SQL, and streaming

Connected data processing for different work protocols
- HTTP/S, TELNET, SMTP, POP3, WAS, and SQL connections

Block diagram

Expected effect