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Any Access SSL VPN based on a firewall and IPv6

All mobile devices and wireless environments are accessible

Various and complex user authentications

This is a SSL VPN developed with the web standard encryption(SSL) and public key-based technologies, and guarantees easy and secure access to enterprise web, applications, and shared files. WeGuardia™ SSLplus is an integrated hardware-based application security device to minimize to network performance degradation without changing or disconnecting current network architecture and to provide user authentication and VPN. Especially, an external user can connect to Internet without separate equipment or client software so only SSL VPN device and web browsers are required for the secure and convenient access anywhere.

WeGuardia™ XTM

01 Web-based interface

Web-based interface is provided for the easy development, management, and use

Cutting GUI technology is adopted in order to overcome the limit of web-based interface and display complex and sophisticated information in real time.

02 Different clients for users

Clients for Windows, Android, and Linux

Consistent business environment accessible by all workers regardless of their location

NAC including always cryptographic network connection, security, and device compliance

WeGuardia™ XTM

03 User-friendly app list

User-friendly app list can be configured

A user doesn't need to remember the credential but just needs to click an app in the list

Enterprise essential apps can be distributed

04 Efficient VPN tunneling

Support for Non Split Tunneling and Split Tunneling; separate processing of work and normal Internet traffic

WeGuardia™ SSLplus prevents abnormal traffic with the security setting(to prevent zombie devices)

If necessary, the Internet traffic can be separated from the tunnel in order for the efficient use of Internet bandwidth

05 User access control

Access policy setting and control by users and groups

Access control for access time, accessible server, accessible remote IP control, available applications, and client timeout

06 Hybrid authentication

ID/PW + OTP authentication

Private/public certificate authentication

Mixture authentication of ID/PW+private/public certificate

07 Connection to other authentication systems

Other authentication systems can be connected with the LDAP and RADIUS protocols

S/W OTP authentication

08 Support for mixed IPv6-v4 network

WeGuardia™ SSLplus is equipped with the IPv6, which is CC-certified for the firewall IPv6(first time in Korea)

VPN service in the mixed IPv4-v6 network; no need to replace equipment in the future

09 Simultaneous session control by user

Number of simultaneous sessions are accumulated for individual IPs, and it is limited if the threshold is exceeded.

Prevention of excessive traffic usage and resource exhaustion for the P2P used by internal users and so on.

10 Simultaneous session control by server

Number of generated sessions can be controlled by time(sec); settings by server IP and service

Server load can be prevented by controlling the packet generation per sec requested to the internal servers

11 ID-based security policy setting

Improved security through a user-based security policy regarding the Radius and LDAP instead of the access control, which relied on the network environment, by introducing 802.1n, mobile environment, and IPv6

Simple policy with the connection to current ID management server; reduced IP network management

12 Quick security policy matching - Policy detection engine

Security policy search engine developed with the hashing data management method

WeGuardia™ XTM