Integrated real-time WLAN control and monitoring

Auto detection and defense for multiple wireless threats

Quick removal of threats with precise locating

As small wireless devices including smartphones and tablets are popularized, the communication infrastructure is rapidly changing in the wireless lifestyle service and work environment as well as the wireless communication data traffic is sharply increasing. With the spread of smartphone and Wi-Fi network, increased number of users and devices have increased the security vulnerabilities and traffic. So the public offices and banking institutions have limited the use of wireless network. However, many organizations are considering the development of wireless network as the smart office project is recently spread for utilizing smart devices for the work environment. So the wireless security solution has become essential. The Wireless Intrusion Prevention System(WeGuardia™ WIPS) is a security solution to detect and prevent the attacks, which use the security vulnerabilities, and it is widely adopted as the wireless network is adopted.

WeGuardia™ XTM

01 Locating

A device is located detecting the signal strength information collected by sensors.

Continuous inter-sensor update regardless of changing environment settings; real-time location change management by displaying the location of managed devices and APs

WeGuardia™ XTM

02 Support for wireless network standard IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n

In all the devices adopting standard 802.11 a/b/g/n, business assets are protected against the wireless security threat.

03 Perfect supplementation for the security of wired network firewall

Current firewall only monitors the wired traffic excluding the wireless traffic.

WeGuardia™ WIPS is an integrated wireless intrusion detection and prevention solution consisting of severs and sensors, which continuously detect the WLAN network in order to protect the system from an unauthorized wireless access.

04 Detection and prevention of unauthorized devices

Detection and prevention are provided for all the unauthorized devices.

05 Wireless forensic

SSH is used to encrypt the wireless data.e

06 Defense against DDoS attack with In Line/Out of Path configuration

Forensic function is supported with the auto and manual wireless frame capture.


For a failure or attack, log data is used to effectively analyze the cause of problem in order to take an efficient action.

08 Wired/wireless traffic control for the integrated wired/wireless network

With the WeGuardia™ XTM device, all traffic can be detected and prevented in the wired/wireless environment.

09 Wireless Network Troubleshooting

Wireless network setting can be quickly analyzed in real-time with the dashboard.

Security, device, location, connection, traffic, and sensor information is provided.

AP or device locating on a map.