Precise application control

Using secure internet

User-based access control

Differentiators with the 1st generation firewall including user-based architecture, precise application control, URL filtering, and internal network monitoring

WeGuardia™ XTM

WeGuardia™ XTM

01 High-performance packet processing without the network speed
        slowdown(multicore distributed processing)

High-performance multi processor

Performance limit of security device is overcome with the own hybrid software framework FOHSAM optimized for the multi-core environment

Current packet filtering engine is adapted to the multi-core environment; improved performance with the increased number of cores; and sufficient performance for the high-volume environment

02 Awareness

Application awareness & ontrol

Contents awareness & control

User awareness & control

03 Anti-X

Equipped with the engine of BitDefender, No. 1 player in the global anti-virus market

Improved performance with the stream-based method

Anti-Spam/ Attack/ DDoS

04 Connection Security

Different session control policy

Support for convenient policy management

Support for mobile VPN

Automated DR backup

05 Traffic Tracker

Analysis of traffic anomaly(Patent Application 10-2014-0007985, Anomalous Event Decision System and Method for Network Security Apparatus)

Efficient traffic issue tracking(Patent Application 10-2014-0007984, Issue Tracking System and Method for Network Security Apparatus)

Prevention using national codes against cross-border cyber attack

06 Security policy by analyzing the cryptographic data of SSL traffic

Thorough analysis, control, and prevention of application-based SSL data

More sophisticated intelligent application filtering through the tight analysis of individual application usage of users with the traffic tracker

07 Different session control policy

Session and usage control with the application proxy and stateful inspection technologies

Efficient and convenient security policy application and management with the schedule setting for the security policy

08 Quick search and high detection rate with the file- and stream-based

Preliminary defense against mail-based virus attachment and botnet spam

Improved performance with the stream-based engine without the size limit of compressed file

Support for anti-spam, anti-attack, and anti-DDiS.

09 Network

High Availability

Session, Policy, Log synchronization

Support for NAT and IPv6

Multicast Routing

10 Management

Web Interface, CLI


Interlock with the won integrated management system

Privilege control by administrator and multiple authentications

Support for reports and languages

WeGuardia™ XTM