Multi-Core based integrated high-performance
security solution

IPv6 CC-certified Device

Best cryptographic communication in Korea

This is a multi-core based device for the unified threat management, which provides excellent performance with all security functions including IPS, firewall, VPN(IPSec, SSL), anti-virus/spam/spyware, DDoS, and WAF by overcoming the limited performance of integrated security device with the unique FutureSystems core distributed processing and own Future Optimum Hybrid Software Architecture for Multicore environment(FOHSAM), a hybrid software framework optimized for the multi-core environment.

WeGuardia™ XTM

01 First IPv6 CC certification for a firewall

Obtained CC certification by NIS for the Korea's first IPv6 module equipped on the basis of rich
experience and technology developed with MIC, ETRI, and NISA since 1997

Verified IPv6 compatibility and interoperability through TTA IPv6 verified certification

02 QOS

QoS is applied to IPSec packets

TX que of QoS is applied in a hierarchical structure in order to provide a sharing with the borrowed resources of idling que

Max bandwidth is configured to provide the traffic control

Min bandwidth is configured to secure the important work traffic

03 ID-based filtering

Improved security through a user-based security policy regarding the Radius and LDAP instead of the access control, which relied on the network environment, by introducing 802.1n, mobile environment, and IPv6

04 Filtering by VLAN

Enhanced intuitiveness and efficiency of policy management with the policy configuration by VLAN for the network operation convenience

05 Specialized pattern group by application

Patterns can be subdivided for the applications and services so that different actions can be set for the same pattern by service

WeGuardia™ XTM

06 Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam

Protocol check for SMTP, POP3, IMAP, and FTP ;
analysis, scanning, and removal of codes and files by file size for real-time virus and spyware, back door, and malicious code

07 DoS, DDoS (Denial of Service)

Auto creation and removal of security policy rules by attack and system environment on the basis of traffic anomaly

Detection and defense regardless of protocols(TCP/UDP/ICMP)

08 EPS (End Point Security)


Real-time monitoring, personal firewall, and Host IPS

09 Performance

CPS - 600,000 CPS or more

Latency - Average 9㎲ or less

WeGuardia™ XTM